Dvorek U Vodárny

A design concept for the courtyard behind Kvartýr shop & studio.

State: concept

The courtyard behind Kvartýr shop & studio was designed not only for our group, but for all residents of the house. In such a small space, we managed to squeeze three "rooms", three types of sitting, so that the backyard users can choose the most suitable place for their moment of peace. The sunny room, with a wooden terrace, is the place most exposed to the sun. The shady terrace with a small grill is designed on the opposite side. To make it more cosy, the existing metal T-structure (formerly a laundry dryer) was moved and covered with vines and is equipped with chain lighting. The other area is to be planted with ferns and ornamental grasses in the semi-shade. These will be complemented by perennials with varied blooms, ranging from yellow to orange to rust and crimson, to bring the color back to the backyard. On the lower floor, where there is no room for planting, we propose to define a corner, a "room" for short-term relaxation, with using white paint on the existing walls and floors.